Covid 19 made in China shirt

Covid 19 made in China shirt


We have to have the courage to speak up against Islamophobia and other types of hate and bigotry. When we see it and say nothing, we are perceived as agreeing, both by the attacker and those being attacked. Privilege and responsibility should go hand in hand. Let’s stand up together to make a better society. I suspect this type of abuse has been going on for centuries, only then there wasn’t a lot of phones with a camera around. Thank goodness it is now coming out in the open, and people are more aware. They would not have treated a white person this way. Charge them with a hate crime. I can’t see any other way to send a message. This has to stop. This should never happen. And it happens all the time. I’m so angry and I’m so sad. And I’m so sorry for his family. Yes the officers are fired, but they’ll be hired back by someone else very soon. Or they will claim they have PTSD because of this event and collect benefits for the rest of their lives. this will never stop unless we train our police officers better. We expect higher standards from our doctors, politicians, and teachers but why do we support the police whenever they commit crimes against the people they supposed to protect. maybe they don’t have the Covid 19 made in China shirt and empathy we expect from them, we might have to teach them how. This isn’t just about training. Training is so important, but hiring standards are also important and I think we have been hiring obvious white supremacists and racist into the ranks of what used to be Police Force whose object was to protect and serve. It is very difficult to fake PTSD. I took part in a VA test for exactly that. The answers one thinks are obvious signs aren’t unless coupled with others. Still, this does not mean they won’t try, and it’s better to have them out of the workforce.


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