Cousins and will beat yo ass together shirt

Cousins and will beat yo ass together shirt



The sex of a human is determined at conception. After 6-8 weeks, the sex hormones develop. If the fetus undergoes stress, those chemicals can go awry and the fetus doesn’t necessarily develop traits in line with its gender. God doesn’t make mistakes. LBGT people are His creations too. Scientists do not yet know what all causes variations in gender or sexuality, but yes, there are certainly more variations than just male and female; and none deserve to be legislated against, dismissed, harassed, ostracized, ignored, or in any way harmed by adults or other kids. And imaginary gods have nothing to do with any of it. I’m not advocating the belief of scripture…only that God (in most mainstream beliefs) doesn’t welcome homosexuality”. To what end? Some intellectual experiment? And what does it matter whether it is mainstream or not? Slavery was mainstreamed for three centuries. Was it right or valid? Why not include writings in the New Testament Apocrypha? These are specious arguments and at this point, I’m convinced you to know that. Maybe find out what the Bible actually says about LGBT people. Not what your poor English translation says but what it says when it is studied in proper historical and cultural context from the original languages. The Bible is actually LGBT affirming. They should absolutely be able to be their TRUE selves. This shouldn’t involve nonsensical “belief” that they are biological sex other than what they actually are. That is literally delusional. the belief that one is female when one is male absolutely is a Cousins and will beat yo ass together shirt. It is delusional by definition. I don’t care what current trends are. No one takes you seriously. Not even you lol. Be what you are, but you have a war on your hands trying to change laws to suit only you. And stay out of female-only spaces. Actual real women are born and raised to be nice, to be polite, even when those things threaten their own safety and interests. We will eventually fight back. It just takes some of us much longer. Thousands of years of oppression by men like you. We won’t go back. We won’t be erased.


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