Correctional office 2020 essential shirt

Correctional office 2020 essential shirt



This is way too early & this Pandemic hasn’t reached its peak. It saddens me bc we will see a rise in deaths in the upcoming weeks. There’s no way that you can social distance if you’re a Hair Stylist, or a barber, your job requires hands-on at all times. This is unbelievably sad. The voice of ancestors will stand out for you no matter the noise around your life. His word will speak for you no matter what the enemy is saying. You will surely be blessed. The gods will help, keep, uphold, sustain, protect, defend, and exalt you and all yours. His hand will be around you for good. The enemy will not swallow your glory, you will not miss the best of the Correctional office 2020 essential shirt, no one will steal what is rightfully yours and you will be happy forever, you shall rise from grass to grace. I live in Georgia and just in the past few days have noticed a spike in the number of people outside. It seems like people were actually taking it seriously and staying home initially but after the governor’s announcement movement outside has returned to almost normality. I think it’s too soon and dangerous to open businesses but we will see, hopefully, we will be ok. Well, I’m not so sure that prayer will be answered, not that I have any say in that, of course. Nice sentiment, but the facts are the virus is still spreading there and will spread more opening up this soon. The Governor of Georgia wants to open the state, so what happens if there is a surge in Conid 19 cases, is he going to take responsibility for the deaths, or is he going to do what Trump does and deny any responsibility. I have said it a couple of weeks ago, we had two issues to address Coronavirus and also the unemployment rate. People need to make their livings and be able to put food in the table, pay rent, and pay their bills. You can open all those businesses if you want to, no one will show up. It’s not a matter of locks and latches, it’s about the general consensus shifting to feeling safe.


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