Coronavirus ruined my baseball season shirt

Coronavirus ruined my baseball season shirt



Killing people who haven’t been convicted of any crime is illegal. The point is, black people are far more likely to be killed by cops than white people. Why is that, when they commit crimes at roughly the same rates? You have absolutely no moral authority or right to say that about the cops. The propaganda about cops killing black people without just cause was a senseless attack. The Democrat race pimps and race-baiters found a way to make millions of dollars by staging the fraudulent claims against the Coronavirus ruined my baseball season shirt. Could they not use house arrest monitors to ensure they aren’t on the streets? Some are not good candidates for early release but should not be incarcerated at this time. I thumbed through this hoping that, as those imprisoned are being released, testing is being performed before setting loose anyone from the “Petrie dish”. At the point of positive testing, quarantine should be immediate. There is unlikely any testing though because tests are a rare commodity apparently. The best form of action to take would be house arrest for a few weeks. This is a fucking mess. Russ Reiter we non-jailed people can’t get tested unless we have passed on to serious symptoms AND have had contact with someone from an affected country OR have traveled internationally. Yet you think they are going to test people as they are released from the jails, and have no symptoms, and better yet, cannot meet the basic criteria? You are the bigger Petrie dish, Russ, you and all the germs you’ve collected while trying to score toilet paper and hand sanitizer!


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