Coronavirus 2020 world tour shirt

Coronavirus 2020 world tour shirt



William Gechtman good for them. That still foes not dispute what I said. Are you willing to go down to your local JFS during the day and see how many Americans are there compared to Immigrants? Maggie Concanon really? Awesome. Cool. Your more than welcome to believe what you wish. That’s the joy of the first amendment. On the other hand you look like a low information source when you CHOOSE NOT to get information from both sides of a perspective. So go ahead and be uniformed and be led along the path. I choose to go directly up the mountain and skip the BS. It stands next to Ellis Island where people trying to legally enter the US were checked to see if they met our laws. If not they were turned away and sent back. Coyote Shivers You’re quite disgusting. This country was NOT “built from scratch” by European settlers, the land was STOLEN from Native Americans and then a large percentage of the work was done by slaves. Also, there are no “empty” countries, in case you didn’t know that. I’m calling bullshit on your being an immigrant, you sound like a troll. Wayne Martin Bullshit. We know it’s not their work status that you have a Coronavirus 2020 world tour shirt with, because Trump keeps lowering the number of work permits – he would be increasing it if that were what you wanted. No, you just hate brown people. Rosemary Edwards people who just arrived have to find work. They don’t arrive with a job. Because of the threat of family’s been deported. Your not going to see them inside an employment agency. I see them cleaning houses, doing lawn work, and being taken advantage of in Hotels and restaurants… Look on line and find out how the, want to be King trump, Uses them as slave type labor in his businesses. It’s a fact. While he is drumming up votes for being so tough on emigration, he is exploiting emigrants. Think about your family that came to this country, if your not Native American, where your ancestors looking for work or running from war? Why where they allowed into America? Read the bottom of the Statue of Liberty… your ancestors did. The same thing is happening now. So why do you get to be such a hard A$$?


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