Corona virus ruined my bowling season shirt

Corona virus ruined my bowling season shirt



The only ones spreading hate are you and Trump. Obama reduced border crossings to its lowest level in 50 years. Trump increased border crossings to its highest level and then used illegal policies and billions of our tax dollars to incarcerate migrants and put their children in our foster care system. Why? To enrich himself and his buddies! So you can find a health expert that recommends keeping people in overcrowded conditions where diseases spread even in normal situations? I’m all ears if you can. Kerry St. Thomas as the purpose of sport on TV is to generate ad revenue, the higher the number of viewers, the higher the revenue. The higher the revenue, the higher the pay. Men’s soccer is watched by more than ten times the number of people as compared to women’s soccer viewership. It has nothing to do with win percentage. Am I the only one who thinks the only remedy is slanting the pie the other way? I’m all for making the Corona virus ruined my bowling season shirt favor women at the expense of men, to the point of making it legal to own, buy, and sell men as slaves. It’s only fair they be treated the way they treated women, and even worse so. Fair’s fair. Four limbs for an eye. A more honest appraisal is you were favored. Young guarantees the past where the men depend more on bonuses and bargaining harder. You play less yet want to be paid as much as someone who works more. That summit up? Considering that women played more and are getting paid less than men who work less, no. It doesn’t “summed” it up. Gets it quite backward. She sounds like a privileged white person playing on a team that has a lot of white women and a few token people of color playing.


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