Come to the North side shirt

Come to the North side shirt



One problem with a lot of the current and proposed consumer privacy legislation is that it can easily be weaponized against smaller businesses because of the way big corporations control the internet, and this is something the FTC and legislators have so far completely failed to take into account. I’m trying to anticipate all this right now, as I set up an arts business expected to launch in 2020. I am an independent artist working as a sole proprietorship with no employees. A one-person operation all the way. I will be dependent on internet services for web hosting, email, spam control, etc. I will not be participating in any ad programs because I’m not in business to promote other people’s businesses, but I will be running a commercial site, i.e. an online shop. So I will need to be compliant with privacy protection laws. Right now, I’m trying to set up a privacy policy that will at least echo the rules of the EU’s GDPR, which seems to be the current top-bar on consumer privacy protections. I think most small businesses online are doing the same as me. But I’m worried that flaws in the US’s handling of consumer privacy protection are a danger to tiny little businesses like mine. Here’s why I worry: Youtube/Google were recently sued by the FTC for violating COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, originally passed in 1998, which prohibits the collection of personal information of children under 13 without parental notification. The suit was settled for payment by Youtube/Google of about $170 million (about 2 days’ profits) and a pinky-swear never to do it again. They are fulfilling the pinky-swear part by fobbing the responsibility for avoiding improperly collecting children’s information onto the content creators, who are essentially, the general-public users of Youtube. Creators are now required to categorize their content so as to meet Youtube’s compliance duties. The COPPA statute offers 3 categories of content – adults, children, and general audience – and defines the level of control over the collected information required to make a party responsible under COPPA, but Youtube is offering creators only 2 categories – adult and children – and treating creators as if they have control over the Come to the North side shirt collected by Youtube, which they don’t. This would streamline the algorithm process for Youtube and make it easier for them to appear as if they are complying with the law, but restrictions that come with each of the 2 categories will likely significantly reduce the visibility of user channels even when in full compliance with Youtube’s rules, and that will hurt those channels that are part of small businesses.


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