Come and take it shirt

Come and take it shirt



What’s the use of having women compete if you are going to pin them against men, they will lose anyway. Identifying as a woman socially is perfectly fine but sports are not social they are built on science and biology. Looks at daughter – get good. That’s the whole conversation. Maybe help her find a private coach if it is really a BFD. I’m a vet- if she cannot keep up with the Come and take it shirt, she needs to revise her strategy or her goals. Not blame someone who’s better (and gets hell for wanting to compete from wretched people). Because if they didn’t divide them by sexes women wouldn’t make teams in pretty much any sport except competition shooting which most schools don’t have. For example, Serena Williams who is the GOAT in women’s tennis would be ranked about 500th on the men’s tour – she has said so herself. Trans rights should be protected, but what about the girl who has been training all her life and then never wins because her competition is someone with larger male muscles? Of course, you care, or you wouldn’t have been so upset when I hurt your feels. I’ve never once heard you tell the truth, you troll and you lie. That is it. You come to the ACLU to wave your bigot flag for all to see. It’s never about you, so why do you still troll the ACLU? Trans women are women. If you care so much about women’s rights, then you would care about trans rights as well. All women, whether cis or trans, deserve rights, respect, and to not have people stop them from pursuing their goals. Protect biological women and girls. If transgender ‘women’ are allowed to play against real women then all women’s sports will be coed. Trans rights are not an issue. This make-believe compassion.


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