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Zach Young – I’m talking about female nipples appearing in context and within the PUBLISHED guidelines, not some graphic violence, sexual depiction, or hate-filled rhetoric. I’m also talking about postings that celebrate female voices not being stifled by male-defined or prudish ideas of propriety that were outdated well before the beginning of the previous century. This ain’t no fucking trauma-inducing material unless you consider Krazy Kat a threat to humanity. So I don’t accept your response as anything more than an excuse for facebook’s arbitrary implementation of standards even they can’t follow. The columbus was a murderer shirt is blatant, especially when you consider this bullshit “politicians aren’t bound by the same rules” decision they’ve just put in place. This is just paranoia. Face recognition software is a useful policy tool. Nobody has any right to privacy in the appearance of their face. Matches should not be admissible in court but leaving that aside, there is nothing to fear and much to be gained by its use. I was tracked and arrested in Laguna Beach, they knew I was there in advance. I have asked the Governor to look into what I perceive as criminal acts against me. I kept seeing on the corner my FB page a face that looked like my older brother wearing a Red manga hat…I looked at it closely. It was not my sibling, but a person who looked very much like him that FB facial recognition put on my feed. It was horrifying since he would never do such a thing. I found that software being used on my device without my permission. Look at your device settings. It may be allowing spying in ways of which you would not approve.


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