Columbus was a murderer shirt

Columbus was a murderer shirt



They want to regulate abortion AND birth control and reproductive healthcare…can’t have it both ways. If this was really about the value of life, they would start from the beginning, not try to burn both ends. This is how you know this is about control and not the sanctity of life. Time for a national women’s rights movement to convene and finish the unfinished business of the 1970s and 80s when we should have passed an equal rights amendment. I believe pro-choice women will have no choice but to start embracing the second amendment. The theocrats are coming, after years of failure. Nothing will send them scurrying back to their church basements like millions of gun-toting American women. I’m not talking violence, I’m talking deterrence. And you’re talking to a mixed guy btw. Don’t throw that white supremacist argument at me. Our bodily autonomy is non-negotiable and so is our right to self-defense and they go hand in hand. You don’t have to hate guns to be a liberal or be anti-abortion to be a conservative and id like to return to a time where people realize that. If the typical frothing at the mouth anti-abortion type didn’t picture liberal women (and men) as a bunch of anti-gun “snowflakes” as they love to call people, they’d probably be a whole lot less bold. Every woman should have a gun and know how to use it, but hopefully not have to. Look I never thought I’d see this in America but Not only do we have a sitting president who won’t commit to a peaceful transition of power but his VP, the guy who is supposed to be his level-headed elder statesman partner, refused to do so on national television. Who knows what chaos these guys could unleash if they lose. The Columbus was a murderer shirt should have no say about women’s personal decisions! Maybe they should look at finding men who don’t use a condom. Plus invest in birth control for men besides a vasectomy. The republicans have eroded reproductive rights in states they have control of. Put in lots of barriers, similar to keeping people from voting. Meanwhile, they continue to pack the Supreme Court to overturn Row vs Wade. That is happening now, I mean this week!


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