Clayton Bigsby 20 let that hate out shirt

Clayton Bigsby 20 let that hate out shirt



In the united states, people are now guilty until proven innocent. And even after being proven innocent, they are still forced into some sort of system that treats them as tho they were found guilty. I’ve had it happen and I know people who it happened to. It’s cost me jobs, housing, and even my oldest daughter was taken from living with me and forced to live with her mother simply because I was accused of a crime. Tyler Tron I know people it’s happened to too. And until you do, you have no idea how corrupt the system is. I used to think the justice Clayton Bigsby 20 let that hate out shirt was mostly fair but no more. Once accused your life is ruined. Doesn’t matter if you’re exonerated later. This BS post once again skews the issue. The ACLU makes it appear she was just walking down the street minding her own business and was just thrown in jail for no reason. She obviously did something pretty serious to end up with a $3500 bail. Maybe she should have thought of her child and her new job before she decided to commit her crime. John Lubetsoh yes really serious, drug possession and some misdemeanors. And don’t forget she has only been charged, not convicted. Unaffordable bail is often used to get people to plead guilty quickly and that saves the court time, and money and no need to pay for the defendant’s lawyer. The problem is many will plead guilty just to get out of pretrial jail but are actually innocent. Justice can suck if you’re poor. Jinga Jappeppa So you like the idea of keeping people in jail or prison who haven’t been convicted of a crime. I wonder if you’d feel the same if we are you and remember innocent people are charged every day.


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