Christmas Hope for a cure diabetes awareness shirt

Christmas Hope for a cure diabetes awareness shirt



States under GOP control have been limiting the types of ID you can show to vote, and in NC their law was struck down as intentionally discriminatory after the court was given evidence lawmakers asked which types of ID African-Americans were more likely to use, and removed those IDs from the approved list. But that’s beside the point of this story. This is a story about a person, living somewhere that doesn’t currently require photo ID, being singled out and forced to show photo ID anyway. You can’t see what’s wrong with that? Daniel Stalvey, you can’t see what is wrong with letting someone who is listed or named as a different sex vote? Someone can show up claiming to be you but now a woman or different identifier and vote in your place. Voting integrity. This is not intimidation, it sounds more like validating identity. Steve Pest From the Christmas Hope for a cure diabetes awareness shirt, which you should read before commenting next time: “As long as a person’s name and address are consistent across ID and voter registration, that person can legally cast a ballot.” Read the article. Nothing was mentioned at all about gender being on file or not matching anything. You’re literally making shit up. Daniel Stalvey lmao not it didn’t. But you should think just a little bit. Your name is Daniel you show up as Sheila. Calls for a check. And frankly, if your id says Daniel but you show up as Sheila, or your id doesn’t show Sheila it’s worth verifying. Because if your id doesn’t match name and photo to you as you show up then it may not be you. It’s not making stuff up, it’s pointing out what you should have thought of yourself before agreeing it’s intimidation. Just common sense IF you care about fair and accurate elections.


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