Christmas begins with Christ shirt

Christmas begins with Christ shirt



Mark Engelman nobody should get away with a crime at any time but there first must be a crime committed. Do you agree? Your pals on the left have been calling for impeachment since he took the oath of office and have been investigating, harassing, and abusing him for 3 years. So far nothing so let the people who voted him in the office decide. If he is as bad as the Dems say, even Swalwell could beat him, so you should be very confident and happy. Do you agree? The crime that he is being investigated for is working with a foreign Christmas begins with Christ shirt to affect the results of an election how many times do you need to be told this you keep asking the same question. Bolton can say whatever he wants. The Democrats try to twist things for their evil purposes. Trump and Bolton disagreed on foreign policy in the middle east. Bolton wanted to stay and Trump wanted to leave. Trump was elected President and Bolton worked for the President at his pleasure. Trump has done nothing wrong and Bolton good or bad can not change that. I think this is another lie from Schiff and his unamerican tribunal! Adam Schiff is a liar. Before he interviews someone he always says they are the one that is going to prove his theory! The American people already figured you out. This is a smokescreen because you all know the IG report is coming out and all of the Democratic Swamp are going to be indicted! If you can spy on a President you can spy on any of us. The Obama Administration was so corrupted they are all going to jail. Eddy Mkhosi Jr. No you’re the dumb one, Why does Schiff need to find evidence, Schiff told the American people two years ago he himself had hard evidence of President Trump colluding with Russia, where is it? He lied to the American people about the Ukraine phone call, have you even bother to read the transcript of the call. Schiff a liar, period! You insulted your own intelligence with your response.


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