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Interesting article Joseph Cool. Even if we prescribe that very specific instance to the quote, and alter the meaning, it is still relevant. What we have today is NOT self or grassroots government, but a government that regularly tramples on the very rights and liberties which make such governing possible, resulting in the people being ruled instead of being the rulers. Having such a massive surveillance system outside of our control is still dangerous. Charlie Watkins So, you’re saying you shouldn’t be videotaped in public, right? We shouldn’t require police to wear body cams? So you think that we don’t need to know the truth of what happened. So like when that guy is accused of rape and the videotape exonerates him, you’re against that? Joshua Hellmann that’s not altering the meaning, it’s explaining what the meaning behind the full quote actually IS. You’re the one altering the meaning to fit your narrative, and you’re altering it exactly as specified in the Caucasians shirt. But again, how exactly is a camera watching you any different than a cop watching you? You’re being watched no matter what, and you act as if that’s a bad thing. It’s only bad if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Do you hide your face when you go into the bank? When you go into a grocery store? When do you get on a bus? All those places have cameras. Cameras are already everywhere, so how exactly is that equivalent to tyranny? How is something that’s already not in your control, that’s been going on longer than you’ve been alive without dystopian consequences, how is that stepping on your rights?


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