Catzilla shirt

Catzilla shirt



What do you mean to release people from prisons and jails? Do you mean temporarily release them and have them come back and serve the remainder of their sentence after the pandemic? Or do you mean to forgive their sentence completely? The first would seem reasonable if they are not much of a threat to society. But what if they have nowhere to go? Do you want them to go to shelters and group homes? We need mass testing everywhere, including prisons and jails. A short while ago the ACLU was arguing against solitary confinement! Now keeping people close together in prison is a bad Catzilla shirt! They’ve returned to that position! They just can’t make up their damn minds! You just can’t make this stuff up! Then again, no one ever said that leftists were intellectually consistent, or, frankly, intellectual at all. It sounds like the ACLU believes we should just free all the barbarians, and if they victimize regular Americans, well, that’s just too bad for us.  Deb Sears no proof of Russia Collusion, it doesn’t stop the brain dead from claiming it! Why do democrats sue every time someone wants to investigate voter fraud? An honest party may want to let the investigation continue! Why did three states just settle with judicial watch over their voter rolls instead of letting it go to court? Some of the world’s wealthiest people had minimal formal education but lots of intellect and street smarts even mean? Some of the world’s wealthiest people inherited their money too. Street smarts? Know what, Life is too short to get in the middle of this right now. Good grief. Look back. Florida’s hanging chads. Georgia’s removing people from rolls. The difference is we have access to all of the information now. Argue all you want but each person will need to take care of their state. Get involved in voter registration and sit at the polls taking registrations. Activism folks. Not screaming matches. Yes, some of the world’s wealthiest people did inherit their wealth. But some did not. Some used their intelligence and common sense (street smarts) and ambition to succeed in life. You really have never heard the phrase “street smarts”?


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