Catch me if you can Harriet Tubman shirt

Catch me if you can Harriet Tubman shirt



It doesn’t! Only certain studies of very small populations show that! Every individual should have the right to make their own choices free of persecution absolutely, but safety should be a top priority IMHO! We should be teaching our children to form healthy loving relationships in which both life creation through lovemaking & preservation of our bodies are treated as sacred, not things to be bought & sold at a price IMHO! I am confused as to why I’m getting laughs, as lovemaking & life creation are sacred, not commodities to be monetized, bought & sold, traded like goods, etc. Legalizing commodification of the human body will only lead to more exploitation & violence, & this has been proven in small populations within places that have already done so (please read the article). Think about your grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, aunts, etc when addressing this topic. Legalizing sex work would make it so it’s easier to regulate which would make it safer. You can sit here and talk all day long about morals but when you get down to brass tacks…prostitution will always exist. The legalization of sex work is far from promoting it. Legalizing sex work would make it safer by making it easier to regulate. This is making medicare for all so much more attractive. Just make these people along with druggies sign waivers so the Catch me if you can Harriet Tubman shirt of us don’t have to pay for all the problems they create for themselves. Buyer as well


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