Cat wear mask shirt

Cat wear mask shirt



I am very sorry to get out of a so delicate subject but please ACLU try to take a look at your Puerto Rico division, their personalities are completely incompetent and the people of PR we deserve an attorney with a real compromise for civil and human rights! Until recently Alabama had criteria on ventilator rationing. It allowed people with profound mental retardation and moderate to severe dementia to be denied ventilators. Right to life, no right to be born and then to die. Perhaps these people should look around at the many deaths and huge amount of suffering caused by the Cat wear mask shirt and protest the current occupant of the White House’s denial of the seriousness of it. Of course, it is becoming clear to me that the value of life, in the opinion of many who call themselves prolifers, is really not that high once a person hits an older age. I’m in Michigan. We had a protest last Wednesday, and one is rumored to be scheduled sometime this week. Meanwhile, I just read but haven’t checked sources yet (and I will) that 60% of the crew on the Roosevelt who tested positive for the virus exhibited no symptoms. In about 10 days, if new cases spike upward, we stay-at-homes will know why. The hypocrisy, self-centeredness, selfishness is truly disgusting. God bless you too. Just please don’t oppress others because of your religion. I hope you’re a liberal Christian like me and not a fundamentalist who thinks they can force their beliefs on others. Jesus never told us we can do that. He said to love others and treat them as we would like to be treated — the Golden Rule. Everyone in our country has the right to believe what they want, and according to Christianity, God gave them Free Will to do so. Please do some research on the failure rate of contraceptives. Every form has a failure rate and unintended pregnancies happen all the time. In any case, it’s really not your business: American women have the right (even if individual states struggle to suppress it) to make our own reproductive decisions based on our own beliefs and circumstances… not yours.


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