Cat reflection shirt

Cat reflection shirt



Jan Brittain, It may come as a surprise to you but the ACLU has fought for the right to worship as you please on multiple occasions. Sadly, you appear to have used your right to the religion of your choice to sit in judgment on people who do not share the religion of your choice which, I’m guessing is “Christian.” When you put Christ back in Christian, I will consider respecting your choice. In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas. You might want to ask for some tolerance. Pretty straightforward lies mostly. Nice try to connect enforcing the law on illegals is an attack on all immigrants. Do they fall for it?
Truth is, protecting and encouraging illegals is an attack on legal immigrants. It’s demeaning and insulting to legal immigrants. Immigrants and illegal immigrants are two different things in law. Thousands each year come to the Cat reflection shirt with Visas and green cards. I have family that migrated legally recently. So this is further weaponizing media to insinuate that there is an attack on immigrants. Calling immigrants from Mexico rapists and drug dealers is an attack on immigrants. So is his Muslim ban. So is his blocking of the entry of refugees to this country. And, his hope to have more immigrants from Norway and less from countries such as Haiti puts a racist twist on it. Mary Mastenbrook Mary, it’s always a risk to trust that someone seeking safety and asylum in our country will turn out to be just as criminal as many )(white and non-white) of the citizens already living in this country. That shouldn’t keep us from using humane and thorough measures to give people asylum. The case in this article is a perfect example of the system’s corruption, bigotry, racism, and cruelty that needs to change. I know I won’t convince you. Just telling as I see it.


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