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There’s no denying your existence. I’m troubled that we need to identify any “class” of people to not discriminate against. Should be a moot argument resulting in no one has a right to discriminate against anyone else in the public forum, for public services, for recognition of being. I wish all the luck in the world in this fight. Why can’t people just be who they know they are? What should it matter to anyone else? I am consumed with a curiosity as to why America is suddenly sprouting with all these folks who have had a miraculous revelation that they are really supposed to be their opposite gender… Was it something in the water? Kapuanani Virginia Lee Johnson or maybe they’ve always been there suffering because people like you want them to feel like they can’t exist. The only thing consuming you is a lack of basic humanity and compassion. No, it’s a matter of avoiding persecution and harassment. Hiding was survival. There have always been transgender people just as there had always been gay people. Gay people were persecuted mercilessly (read about Alan Turing, for instance). Transgender people are in the same situation but a couple of decades later in being accepted. Kapuanani Virginia Lee Johnson America isn’t suddenly sprouting transgender people. It’s just that most of the bigots against them are getting old and dying off so more trans people feel safe enough to openly be their true selves. If they are fearing for their lives then why are they statistically less likely to be killed in a violent crime than the average member of the population? Around 30 transgenders in America are killed each year in violent crimes. 1.4 million transgenders in the Cat Jason Voorhees nani shirt. 17,000 other deaths from homicide each year. With a population of 320 million.


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