Caregiver 2020 essential shirt

Caregiver 2020 essential shirt



There isn’t even enough place for citizens despite what liars and xenophobes tell you. So many homeless citizens living in the Caregiver 2020 essential shirt and on the subways, if there is room then why not place them there? Where is your compassion and empathy for citizens? And now that many millions of citizens are out of a job we will need more money to allow them to remain in their houses so no room or money for foreigners anymore. Thanks for the ad hominem attack which just tells me that I am correct as you have no argument other than attacking me. Americans are suffering and there is no room for your own hatred towards us at this time. Have a nice life. That would be dangerous to the family as they will be exposed as well. Sorry, but these individuals should shelter in a place where they are or go back to their countries of origin to protect citizens from further harm. You do realize that people in nursing homes, clinics, etc are not being released bc of shelter in place and there is nowhere to send them to? They are citizens stuck wherever they are but somehow we have to release non-citizens/foreigners who insisted on breaking the laws? The double standards are appalling. And then they attack American citizens for freedom of speech and supporting our country. Why on earth would these foreigners even want to live in America if they hate it so much and want to eliminate and/or restrict our freedoms? In what world is releasing them in the interest of public safety? They were incarcerated purposefully to segregate them from society. Release them to a situation with no jobs and a lot of opportunity for criminal activity and lax enforcement…seriously? Just once, I’d like to see the ACLU favor law-abiding Americans over criminal aliens.


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