Captain Morgan the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt

Captain Morgan the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt



I’m not sure about the exact present policy, but I heard of this thing in Mexico where it was like you could sign up for a residence permit – IIRC renewable every 6 months – it was called something like a “permiso” I think. The US should install something similar.  Don’t you realize immigrant Drs and nurses come here from other countries with licenses every day? They’re still not citizen’s but they have licenses. Especially from India. I’m smart enough to know that. If you’re a dr. Or a nurse from England you’re still a dr or a nurse. If you leave America and you have any medical license you still have it. Drs. on borders they help in Africa etc every day. (Wow) you’re dumb. Say goodbye to trump. Stay safe. In fact, there is one very important factor that works for Trump. He is profoundly happy. He enjoys himself. He lies, cheats, commits fraud, rapes, humiliates, fucks. And he not only gets away with it but he calls others to follow him and enjoy themselves. And there is a lot of miserable, pathetic fucks, who live from day to day, humiliated by everyone, who see in him the dream of their lives. They love him. That is called an ‘ erectile adoration’ when the very image of the person makes you sexually arisen. Trump is an ultimate masturbator- in- chief. And that is an asylum. I am deeply offended you would use across as your avatar. The person in the video is a conservative gun rights advocate. I’m glad she was denied a platform from which to advance her hateful agenda which has nothing to do with Christianity. Shame on you. Steve Pest I’m very confused by your response. You don’t seem to know the constitution. It’s crystal clear all persons are counted as all persons use services. The census is pivotal in determining where funds go. Even illegals are people last I checked. The Captain Morgan the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt doesn’t say all citizens should be counted. If it did, you’d be right. I have no Security Backup! My sister and her softball female friends and guy friends from Little Ferry, New Jersey have guns and are part of a Kult, while they got me to commit suicide twice to then lose my gun rights. They gave me autoimmune diabetes so that I would agree to Medicaid and not work. They were going to draft me into the military and force me to get my arms and legs blown off for Corporate women like you. I need Security Backup or I report you and Everyone to the Communists in Cuba.


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