Can I speak to the manager shirt

Can I speak to the manager shirt


Do you know how Jewish people have their own Can I speak to the manager shirt in Israel? We need our own all-queer homeland to ourselves. I propose we seize the Delmarva Peninsula, break off from the U.S., and give it the old college try, with me as the Supreme Leader. All LBGTQ people who move here would gain automatic citizenship, like how Jewish immigrants receive automatic Israeli citizenship. In a world hostile to us, we need our own homeland. It is yet the case that a state could choose to prohibit alcohol if it wanted. There are still a few ‘dry’ places in the country, last I heard. Not that anyone cares, they just drive to the next town over. The prohibition of ethanol would make way more sense than the prohibition of cannabis though. And it’s still a bad idea! The prohibition of popular commodities has many negative social effects, regardless of the commodity in question. That is sealed in the grand jury report. And any report that says otherwise is complete BS and Yes I do believe they knocked but legally they did not have to knock did they? so that argument is BS and when the cops are fired upon they have the legal right to shoot back, Cops did nothing wrong here and will not be charged. And No the Walter Scott shooting was not justified and the cop is in Prison. I’m not a liberal and I have plenty of beef with the ACLU, national and local chapters. It does stand for addressing state-sponsored murder. If anyone is a fan of that, they have bigger problems than the ACLU. Ok, you’re just going to slide right past the fact that you are trying to link her to a murder she had no knowledge of, let alone involvement in, in order to justify the murder of a black woman, but moving on… Do you have sources verifying this claim of yours and specifically how it shows she was actively involved in any illegal activity? NO! She was not a victim of the war on drugs. Do not give those who murdered her an excuse, however lame, for their actions. Do not allow any doubt about intentions, about the disregard for black lives, and for the heartbreaking lack of shame and self-blame after things went terribly wrong. ‘The war on drugs’ is another shameful component to systemic racism by the police and judiciary system. Do not allow for any semantics to excuse one crime with the claim of needing to commit the other one.


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