call me when you leave her shirt

call me when you leave her shirt



All human beings are entitled to privacy and protection. We are not vampires. who gave any human being the right to own anyone else’s very lifeblood for the purpose of tracking? This is not even a remotely sane idea? Fingerprints yes, photo Id sure? Human blood for the use of preying tracking or research without consent, never acceptable. If it occurs soon no one will be exempt. A dangerous precedent to set. You guys may want to do something about VAERS court. It’s the linchpin of medical tyranny and the call me when you leave her shirt of human medical imprisonment. Biased, one-sided court proceedings, without juries, that keep all the damage of vaccines under tight lock. My updated DNA search was able to tell me my ring finger was longer than the pointer and my second toe was longer than the first and twenty-eight more distinguishing features of my body. They missed two, one being a bald spot. All that to say, well you know where this is going. Protecting the vulnerable from the state is absolutely in your self-interest. They are testing their policies and what you and those around you will tolerate. They will come for you next. I’m a very free-thinking person. I cannot for the life of me get on the paranoia train of thought that finds DNA banks, face recognition (if it can be proven accurate), surveillance cameras, etc., to be any more of a threat to my well being or personal freedom than fingerprints or phone directories are. Of course, there are opportunities for abuse, but the already-proven benefits far outweigh the dangers, in my opinion. Avoiding dangers requires careful regulation. It also requires an informed populace that votes for trustworthy leaders. The latter has proven to be the greatest threat, however.


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