By order of the peaky fookin’ blinders shirt

By order of the peaky fookin’ blinders shirt



There have always been coordinated attacks against our progressive youth. All of our founding fathers were just progressive youths with a fight in them. I’m so grateful this American tradition continues. Believing you’re a woman when your a man doesn’t make it so it makes you a freakshow weirdo and people that give into that are pandering and enabling mental delusional behavior. Wanda Lawson Carter according to the world health Association you have XX and XY and several other variations, but those other variations only make up .3% of the world’s population and don’t necessarily translate into the By order of the peaky fookin’ blinders shirt population. In other words, not every XXY or other variation is a trans person. So please stop trying to use that argument. I support adults living as they see fit. I don’t care what they do with their body’s and I will and have respected their wish to be called he/she. I don’t even care what bathroom they use, but when it comes to sports, that’s where I draw a line it is unfair for a trans girl/woman to compete against natural girls/women. This has nothing to do with ideology. Gender is an issue of biology. There is nothing that will prevent conservatives or their children from being born with transgender biology. And yes, there are conservative parents who accept that their children are transgender. When it comes to health care, practitioners cannot turn their backs to genetics. There are two sexes and each has special methods of care. That cannot change, and it will never change… We should always respect the trans community for their strength and struggles, but never deny them the proper care they deserve, the care based on their genetics.


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