Buttercup you just flipped my witch switch shirt



Kathryn Johanknecht I am so sorry, and so angry, that you are forced to do this for no other reason than to punish women. I just make me sick. It is way past time for politicians to get out of health care, and in particular, out of reproductive health care. Thank you for the work you do and the Buttercup you just flipped my witch switch shirt you show for women. Alexander Handschu, totally agree. It is very seldom that abortion is a medical necessity. Having one just because you don’t want to be pregnant, even though you willingly did the one thing that causes pregnancy, is not a medical necessity. Kathy Jones Welch Sure Aunt Lydia. I get that you despise women and think they don’t deserve to have constitutional rights, but your desire to control women won’t work in this country. How exactly did you expect to forcibly take away a woman’s bodily autonomy? They aren’t going to give it up willingly, you’d have to install a fascist authoritarian regime. You would destroy our society and country. Woohoo. Having an abortion doctor having privileges at a nearby hospital is a good thing. If anything goes wrong with the abortion, then the doctor who killed her unborn child can accompany her to the nearest hospital and continue treating her instead of just calling an ambulance and having her dropped off at the nearest ER for somebody else to take care of her. Abortion is murder. Believing big people can attain blessings by spilling the blood of their little ones is a demonic child sacrifice belief system. These should be illegal. Only trained medical professionals should be obtaining DNA samples and the practice of obtaining DNA samples for drug possession is completely racially motivated AND they are obtaining samples from minors which only sets them up for potential hardship and failure. Until someone is convicted of a serious crime, his or her DNA should be off-limits and then, and only then, should it be obtained by trained professionals.


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