Burrees 9 shirt

Burrees 9 shirt



I am glad that we are learning about this atrocity now. It is something we should remember as we stare down another wave of racist behavior. Shannon Murphy, I learned about Tulsa’s past in high school. Once I grew up, went to college and earned my degree to teach (and in history) I was astonished to discover Burrees 9 shirt omit this completely and it is not required teaching in any curriculum I’ve ever read. Due to stringent curriculum timelines and end of course testing guidelines, there is not even enough time to properly teach Tulsa. Christine Brannon-Miles but you can hand out reading lists and push the libraries in your community to stock real history books instead of popular bullshit crime novels… When I was in college I had 4 classes and there were sometimes 5 books per class. I was writing a book report every week for 3 years. Barling, Arkansas had a thriving black community when my mom was young. However, when I was young it was a sundowner town. I can find no history of what happened. Someone needs to investigate the black history around Ft Smith, AR. You still don’t know about it because Watchmen didn’t really cover what happened or why. A white woman was assaulted (allegedly), which led to the arrest of a black man, who a crowd of whites intended to lynch. But the jail did not intend to hand him over to the crowd. Then some local black gangsters also showed up demanding the release of the prisoner and it kicked off a fight with the would-be lynchers. Just who shot first is unknown and will never be known, but it resulted in a race riot which caused a lot of damage to local businesses. It was not anything akin to Wall Street, it was just a fairly middle-class black neighborhood with lots of black-owned businesses. A tragedy, yes, but it wasn’t motivated by the state trying to get rid of successful black businesses. That’s a bit of revisionism.


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