Bumboclaat can be used in many ways shirt

Bumboclaat can be used in many ways shirt



Chuck Z Crumpler, what makes you think I don’t have compassion for people with mental illness? What makes you assume that I hate anyone? Because I say that suicide is a choice? It absolutely is a choice. Even if the only other option in sight is miserable, bleak, hopeless even… pulling the trigger is a choice that a person would have to make. This makes it all the more heartbreaking, to see someone fight a constant, powerful internal battle, to know that they hit a point of such hopelessness that they couldn’t see any other way to make the pain stop, often not realizing that all that pain they are living with doesn’t go away, it just gets transferred onto friends and family. When someone is a victim of a heart attack, it’s awful, but at the end of the day, if your body says you’re done, you’re done (unless, of course, you’re saved by medical attention). Adam Richard Latham, I’m curious as to where you saw these figures – everyone I know who has been deployed bought smokes overseas where they are a helluva lot cheaper (imagine, Turkish tobacco… from Turkey? And without all the taxes that we pay for them here?) Also, again, as far as I know, while deployed soldiers are not allowed to drink alcohol…only on R&R, which they don’t spend on base.
The viagra I have a hard time believing too, considering its a really big deal if troops are caught doing the deed.
But regardless, “the government already grossly mismanages funds, why not make the problem worse?” It is a weak argument. Adam Richard Latham, I have no idea what Biafra is, numbnuts. I asked in my response to your first reply but never got an answer. Someone else said Viagra and I figured you had mistyped. Rob Sutera And how exactly is gender therapy (gender being something fundamental to many people’s identities) not necessary? I never said it was the same thing as an IED. I said it was an important part of mental healthcare. If you choose to deny healthcare because of someone’s gender, yes, you are being hateful. Suicidal people are sometimes not in their right minds (which is why they kill themselves). We even have this codified into our legal system. And yet, we get counseling for soldiers when they go through a breakup. We get these people the help they need to deal with their Bumboclaat can be used in many ways shirt and make them effective soldiers again. How is being transgender different? You’re still moving the goalposts. You start by saying if we have to provide mental help, they’re unfit for service. When an example of mental help being given still allows a soldier to be fit for service, you then decline to say why other examples make them unfit without any evidence to support your claim.


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