Brick and Moroy shirt

Brick and Moroy shirt



Olivia Kirkendall’s addiction is a choice. And the Brick and Moroy shirt always dictate what we do with our bodies. They are telling us we have to wear masks. People get arrested going to church but not to the store where the exact same rules apply. You are required by law to wear a seatbelt. You can donate a kidney but you can’t sell it. If you are 18 you can take a bullet for your country but you can’t drink a beer, smoke or vape. So yes, the government does have control of your body. So? Reggie Ward posted that the law is being applied unevenly and you wondered what he meant. I answered that question perhaps too obliquely for you to understand. Minority men are many times more likely to be stopped and arrested on drug charges than white boys. White boys, convicted of exactly the same crime, get much more lenient sentences. Does that help? The law is disproportionately applied based on race and class and several things that are against the law such as drugs and sex work shouldn’t be. And there are better alternatives for our societal problems than locking people in cages and brutalizing them. Simple as that. When you actively patrol inner cities and do fishing investigations, this is what happens. If they did the same tactics in white neighborhoods this would even out. Most of these crimes are drug offenses, we all know whites do more drugs than any other. I have three sons. None of them are black. One of my sons spent a year on the streets of Mosul. I was afraid, but I knew my son was armed and dangerous, unlike those mothers of color whose sons are alone and vulnerable on the streets of Detroit. And this starts in pre-school and continues throughout their lives. Black children receive harsher punishments for the same infractions than white children. Many teachers, when studied, were surprised to learn they were doling out punishments unevenly. They didn’t even realize they were doing that.


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