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Charlie Watkins not if it’s well regulated. When I was young, in my 20’s and whatnot I never worried and safety and security. Now, having a family safety and security means a lot to me and I could live with extreme surveillance if it keeps my family and I safe. Jon Garrett Yes well there are those of us also not in our 20s who prefer civil liberties and human rights over letting the government track our every step in the name of your so-called ‘safety’. Jon Garrett And you’re really going to trust the government to regulate something that could give them unbelievable amounts of power over those groups they deem ‘threats’ to themselves? Both sides of the aisle would easily find justifications for why they ‘needed’ the use of this technology to be accountable to no one but their own people. Whats matters if you have a camera watching you, or a person watching you? Your face is public information, your appearance is public information. Most things are public, not private, so why the fear when that public information is collected, sorted, organized? Y’all been reading too much Orwell. Skip Rowland, are you a white person? Currently, and in the near future, facial recognition technology misidentifies people of color who are already targeted by racial profiling. As a white person, you have less skin in the Breaking Bad Friends shirt, but if you were willing to stand with the rest of us we can all make sure that technology advances serve justice. Joshua Hellmann Pappy, I don’t give up any liberty, by having my face on a camera. However, keeping criminals off of our streets, is something that comes for free as far as life, liberty, freedom, and democracy in America are concerned.


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