Breakin hearts and blastin’ farts shirt

Breakin hearts and blastin’ farts shirt



Michelle Greenspan, I didn’t misunderstand you at all. I just saw through your attempt at equivocating between transness and size. Again leaving aside the fact that trans people are perfectly natural, small people generally can’t compete in physical contact sports with larger people. Larger people have an advantage. What makes the difference in your question is the different sizes, not being trans or cis. “It’s not that I don’t have evidence I posted but you refuse to accept anything we post.” How am I supposed to accept or not accept any evidence you post until you post it? I posted evidence which you chose to ignore. Corey posted evidence which I did accept. All you’ve done is rant and rave and makeup nonsense about trans women killing cis women and boy scouts being forced to do things. Again, no one is asking you to change with men, If you have a problem with certain types of women, then you can either get over it or wait until they’re not in the changing room. You are free to view trans women as not being “natural” or as being men if you choose, but no one else is required to bow to your bigotry. Ryan Bradford Crowley you are attacking the rights of women athletes to compete on a level playing field by putting them in the same class. Have you ever watched a women athlete train? 4-6 hours sometimes more a day wanting to make the CrossFit Games. Not for a week or months but years. I can’t imagine why they would be concerned or upset about this. Lefties don’t have rational fact-based arguments, just pretend moral superiority and name-calling. So when we engage them in debate and start bringing up good points they just call you a “bigot”, a “hater”, etc. Ken Younos I am an “a lefty” and feel the same way. I love the ACLU and see them as the last line of defense for many issues. I just don’t think they have researched this enough. I was totally in the Breakin hearts and blastin’ farts shirt of trans should be admitted to any women’s sport u till I looked closely at how many wins and records had been broken the last few years by them where they have been ad.itted and listening to women athletes who are outraged about it. There is certainly enough evidence for a hard look at this by the ACLU before committing to it as a cause.


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