Bourbon whisperer shirt

Bourbon whisperer shirt



Patricia Thomas, I’m not sure exactly what your answer is, but it seems like a “No”. That makes me curious because I think that most doctors would agree with me that the specific entity that abortion kills is, in fact, the same entity that would exit the womb with legal personhood. Remember, I didn’t ask you if the unborn should have any rights; I asked a simple question with a yes or no answer that I think even pro-choice doctors would answer “Yes” to. So, would you answer yes or no to my question? Thanks in advance for your answer. Erica Kanzler Dunn thanks, I really appreciate the straight answer. Now, if you don’t mind me asking, given that it is, in fact, the same entity, what specifically is it that makes this entity less valuable or less human at an earlier stage of development? And if it is equally valuable, how can we justify killing it? Once again, I really appreciate your straightforward response. Hunter Weaver because it would not grow or exist without my body. So if I do not want my body used to sustain its life, no one can make me. That’s it. It’s that simple. All rights are attained at birth. And until birth occurs, no one gets to decide how I make use of my own body except me. The truth is simple. A born living sentient person has more rights than a clump of cells. You will never convince me that a 5 weeks old fetus should have more control over my body than I do. if they want to reduce the number of abortions they need to change their focus. stop trying to change the Bourbon whisperer shirt and educate people about birth control and costs for a child. make people smarter and give the ability to plan a pregnancy and you can slow the number of abortions. why focus on law. change the script.


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