Bourbon magic brown water for fun people shirt

Bourbon magic brown water for fun people shirt



He’s just desperate for everyone’s approval, even those who want to deny him human rights. His choice, but demanding that everyone else succumb to this level of prostration is unproductive at best. He couldn’t even leave our Bourbon magic brown water for fun people shirt in the public realm, he had to harass me in private too, his need for approval crossed too many boundaries for me. He thinks he has the moral high ground over all of us who refuse to be tolerant of our oppressors. I beg to differ. Christians are currently trying to deny people their human rights, I will never tolerate that kind of hate and bigotry. Atheists are unlikely to change the minds of these dogmatic and toxic Christians, it will have to come from within. If she had made a statement to that effect, then I wouldn’t have cared, but her statement was too brief to convey anything of the sort. When “good Christians” spend their time reigning in those actively doing the rest of us real harm, then I promise to NOT give a crap what they believe in. Until then, I’ll be fighting alongside the ACLU in the fight for equality and justice for all. Well behaved women rarely make history. Kathryn Johanknecht No. they have clear and dominant supremacy over American culture. But Christians aren’t a monolith and the worst ones tend to be manipulated by moneyed interests. Religion is a blank slate, a tool that can be used for almost anything. Kathryn Johanknecht though I’m afraid your hostility from the beginning of this interaction leads to me believe that if you have a good point, you’re unable to get it across in a way that isn’t ultimately self-validating. You didn’t go into this talk. You came in to fight.


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