Bound to cover just a little more ground shirt

Bound to cover just a little more ground shirt



They shouldn’t be violent. They are meant to protect and serve the community. We all want collective change and are instead being met with brute force and crimes against humanity. Blocked in with gas instead of being given enough timing to escape emergency zones with our friends, family, and children. Shooting canisters and bullets at people directly instead of how they are intended to be shot.. enough people have been injured or killed. Racism and Police Brutality and over militarization need to end. This is a war against our government at this point. Protests should be safe. Protesters aren’t hurting each other, law enforcement is hurting protesters. The response from law enforcement demonstrates why the protests are necessary. People shouldn’t have to be afraid to march as a family. In the 90s I marched with my children in a wagon. I never felt afraid. In Trump’s America, protesting is punished by violence from those meant to protect us. That’s not on the protesters, that’s on the police, and our “law and order” president who disregards the constitution. Elaine Nimmo, you are wrong those federal agents are beating peaceful protesters and throwing them in cars. Then later they had to let them go they didn’t do anything wrong so the had to let them go. Like I said before the peaceful protesters are not the rioters and looters. You’re not too bright, are you? I have been advocating for more money to get put into inner-city Activities and education For 30 years, including city council meetings, school Committee meetings, Statehouse meetings, and needle cleanup in parks where kids of all colors play. Save your preaching. Apparently the police officers your speaking of were not properly trained for long enough. I’ve been an advocate for all young lives matter my whole life, especially in urban neighborhoods where not enough money is spent on education. Don’t pretend like you know anything about me or my motives. I grew up in an urban inner-city environment And most of the Bound to cover just a little more ground shirt are patrolling neighborhoods because of high crime. Not an easy job to do without getting emotional. They need better training in conflict resolution and how to properly maintain control of suspect fighting without killing them. Which in case you hadn’t noticed, killing them doesn’t happen as often as people like to portray.


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