Boo boo crew shirt



Boo boo crew shirt

Boo boo crew sweater Boo boo crew ladies tee Boo boo crew hoodie Boo boo crew guys tee

If you all just could know the injustices that happened to the black communities , “way back when”, you would be livid. I saw it and still remember. I am proud to be a card carrying Boo boo crew shirt member. One honors dr king by supporting and working towards a new voting rights act, a single payer medical system, vast increases in federal money for education, food assistance, a massive federal effort to house every American, increases in social security, increased hypocritically act as if you’re fighting for racial justice when you fully support the killing of disproportionately high numbers of preborn black babies by Planned Parenthood started by a racist white woman who openly supported eugenics. Murder is murder & MLK family members speak openly about that!


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