Bob’s Burget halloween shirt



It’s not so much that it sucks, really. There are a lot of great concepts in there, but it badly needs to be updated with some security patches and have the legacy code removed for appeasing the slave states with disproportionate power in the Senate. I’ve told my kids stories about going to NYC Pride in the 90s and being afraid of losing my job if they found out I was bi, and they were astounded. I never thought they’d have to live through this shit. That’s awful. I had to steel myself to go to a GSU meeting at my law school in the late 90s because I was worried about what people would think. It’s outrageous that this is becoming an issue again. This Bob’s Burget halloween shirt is in real trouble when a group of people thinks it’s ok for the SCOTUS to operate as a Christian version of the Taliban, thus making America a Christian version of Iran or Afghanistan, so long as Christian zealotry doesn’t get applied to things Republicans do, like committing adultery, telling lies, spreading slander, being greedy, stealing, etc. That we are debating whether LGBTQ persons should be protected from job discrimination disgusts me. As a gay man born in the mid-50s who began working in the early 70s, I can tell you stories about discrimination and its impact on my life and the life of those who sat in my classroom. As I put energy and attention into hiding, lying, and protecting myself, I had fewer resources to develop my potential and less to give students. Over the years, thousands of students have sat in my classroom. One of them may even have been you or someone you knew. Discrimination and the fear of it hurt us all.


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