Bob Marley and the Wailers shirt

Bob Marley and the Wailers shirt



To me, protesting is a fundamental right of all Americans. Dissent is lawful and is written into our rights. Kristi Noem doesn’t fully realize the true and devastating her actions have. She is the type of politician that has always parroted what she thinks is the correct way. Doing that makes her a Tangerine Mussolini backing white supremacist boil on the ass of the state of South Dakota. She is the type of person that just follows her GOP leaders of destruction and laying waste to the Constitutional rights of the people. She is so fast on the trigger, her hasty actions have terrible results. She is the type of person that acts first, asks questions later. Much like her blond wig-wearing white supremacist in the White House. The last I heard she and Stephen Miller were going to elope. She should go back to Elkton and just be quiet. Those incompetent fuckups at the TSA are doing nothing more than wasting our time and violating our rights. It’s the Intelligence Agencies due diligence that keeps us safe. 9/11 was an inside job, the government knew about it before those planes took off. That TSA search also includes Americans coming home: you, your family, and your friends if you travel outside and then come back in. Even if you only go to Canada or Mexico and return home, your phone and laptop are searched. And the people are eagerly buying and installing more hardware and software to expand the Bob Marley and the Wailers shirt. They are actually selling it to us and we are paying for it happily. Well, they’re wasting their money if they’re tracking me because basically all I do is work, stay at home and sleep to recover from work and spend time on Facebook keeping up with my relatives and friends who are scattered all over the world. Nothing to see here.


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