Black white human shirt

Black white human shirt



Lindsay Brown, The Republicans haven’t been any more fiscally responsible than the Democrats in decades. You can look up the statistics. They both pass the buck to the next group elected. That’s why our debt is so absurd. Alec There so we can all agree that this is just a fence, not the concrete wall he promised and that Mexico was never going to pay for it and his followers now just look like rubes? Cynthia Mossman Lockwood anyone that’s actually lived on the border such as myself knows that walls are probably the most ineffective way to stop illegal immigration. I lived 15 minutes away from the main border crossing for 14 years, crossed into Mexico countless times, and there are people in freaking Nebraska telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Okay. Cynthia Mossman Lockwood Yep, just wasting money and adding to the taxpayer debt. Former director of BP tried to tell him… better new equipment, more riding BP trucks, and more border patrol officers at all border entries would help the situation. But of course, trump and his ego wouldn’t listen. The man of “unmatched wisdom”, what a joke! Cynthia Mossman Lockwood To start with in the last three years well over half the news is a lie. The Black white human shirt is meant to slow them down as it does. If you are cutting holes it’s probably part of the old wall made of screen. You can bet if they are cutting it they were slowed down. Nancy Walkling Hmm. Were all of you this upset over the Secure Fence Act of 2006? I know Senator’s Schumer, Clinton, and Obama was not! Thanks to all of them for getting the ball rolling! I could not have done it without them and of course Pelosi, too!


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