Black Father a man who has stepped up shirt

Black Father a man who has stepped up shirt



Steven Lord calls it whatever you wish. But my concern right now is for the people of MY country. The ones who are sick, the ones in the hospital, the ones who have died. They are our Black Father a man who has stepped up shirt as they should be. Every day I carry that worry with me. And the only person I don’t really have to worry about is my fiancé who is in England because he’s safe working from home, instead of being here with me. I do call it as I see it, and hey if your good with it hun peace be with you. I don’t think I am interested in being that heartless and cold. You are quite like most Americans who have only seen real suffering on tv, most Americans are so sheltered from the horrors of war. I won’t even try and describe it. While I am proud of my brothers and sisters in the defense of this country that you don’t know your privilege, it saddens me that it has made people like yourself cold and uncaring in the suffering of those without. Countries restricting travel and people seeking asylum are two extremely different things. People fleeing for their lives have no choice, and they are using the proper channels. What the hell is the process? Russians can come and spend $500K and get status or donate to the RNC and get status. Chinese same thing. As for the Russians who have been coming here and staying in Trump’s properties and giving birth; apply for US passports; then fly back to Russian – watch the repercussions of that 25 yrs from now. Continue to worry about the poor. A larger threat awaits Americans. The threat will be US citizens trained in Moscow to wreak havoc on the US in a couple of decades. You’re making a lot of assumptions. And you knew what they say about that. I’m not cold or uncaring. I work 2 jobs and bust my ass for everything I have. Nothing is handed to me. I don’t have any nor benefit from any kind privilege. I work for everything. I am sorry that they are suffering. But that does not mean that we’re supposed to take on anyone who wants to come here. And certainly not before this pandemic is over.


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