Billy bob Charlene shirt

Billy bob Charlene shirt



You’d think all of these zealots would be passing out meals at shelters or raising money for laid-off community members, instead of using a crisis as an opportunity to advance their agenda of religious oppression. Was Jesus oppressive? Maybe I read that book wrong. Great Billy bob Charlene shirt, abortions are essential. They should not be forced to have this baby. Thanks, ACLU for making it so people can scramble unborn babies’ brains. You are right on track. We get it, you don’t think women are human beings worthy of human rights. Too bad for you. Thankfully, in this country, it’s a constitutional right as well and no amount of your hateful misogynistic bigotry will change that objective fact. Stopping abortions equals more pregnancies, therefore more premature births, more high-risk births, etc which means more work for doctors, and less time for covid patients. Do you think a third of the women in this country have chopped babies into bits? Your fantasy word sounds terrifying for you. How do you even make it to the grocery store when you know there will be dozens of homicidal maniacs there? Your poor skeered little might. I’m truly sad for you. Although, I would hope most would try to be careful as not to put people at risk for virus. We all have to do our part and IF we can help it, let’s protect ourselves to prevent unwanted pregnancies, especially now that medical resources are low and stressed. I support the right 100% and feel access should never be restricted. I just want people to be extra considerate of others right now. We all know how pregnancy occurs and those of us who can prevent it, should.


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