Bernin’em weed shirt

Bernin’em weed shirt



How about we just give you one so we don’t have to put up with your toxic bullshit? I think you’re on the wrong page-Conservative Shitposting is a few articles down-just keep scrolling till you find your people.  If its decriminalized, does it open doors for more abuse of innocent victims of sex trafficking? It needs to be somewhat monitor-able to allow it to be investigated and to protect victims. Maybe there is a way to regulate it so that the door to investigators stays open like licensing. Like letting consenting adults do what they please with their body will surely clear some time on the people who already prosecute this shit schedule? To focus on those who are underage or are being forced into it? Does this exploit poor people? Any more so than capitalism as a whole? I’m not pro-capitalism but I’m also not throwing people in jail for trying to survive so I’m split on that but surely legalizing can’t make things worse? One of the biggest weapons pimps and other exploiters have is that their victims have participated in illegal activity. “You’ll go to prison if you turn me in”, might not be true, but many of the Bernin’em weed shirt don’t know that. I’m informed on this topic but if that’s what you took from my reply maybe try reading for comprehension next time? It’s been proven that legal sex work is safer for sex workers over and over. You have no ground to stand on morally or scientifically.


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