Ben Drankin shirt

Ben Drankin shirt



It’s a horrible situation. People have no jobs, and little money coming in. Rents are sky-high. So we will have tons of homeless people and tons of empty houses and apartments. As a small landlord, this has made me decide to get out of the rental business altogether. This madness sweeping the Ben Drankin shirt is going to destroy rental housing as we know it. It will crash the property market even for homeowners, upend the Ben Drankin shirt, and tear apart the fabric of what is left of America. And since when is free housing a constitutional right? The ACLU is so far from its stated mission and has totally lost my support. So you thought you’d try your hand at money and you lost your investment. Sad. Try fewer Starbucks and saving enough for 6 months. I mean, that’s the rule I heard, but maybe that’s just for millennials. You won’t get any sympathy here. The ACLU and its supporters are mostly Marxists. They don’t believe in a private property. So you as a landowner/landlord, are an oppressor. Owning rental property is an investment. Investments by nature carry risk. You are not guaranteed a profit just because you own a building. Funny how you think you should be immune to the risks of the market. Stocks rise and fall, and so do everything else. Losing money on your rental property? Maybe if a bunch of investors didn’t buy up all the property, expecting absolute returns on their investments, more renters could afford to buy. Maybe a system of investment around something as essential as housing shouldn’t be so fragile? Why should we be creating classes that get help and those that don’t.” This isn’t about classes. This is about a goal: preventing people from being forcibly evicted into homelessness in the middle of a pandemic. Investing is fraught with risk – you are not guaranteed rental income. This is the risk of unsecured investments.


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