Bee happy shirt

Bee happy shirt



I wouldn’t trash the transgender movement. I think that some positions platformed are certainly arguable and I disagree with a few for sure. I think some tactics are well into rhetorical bullying territory. But a group of people does have every right to represent themselves and a group as historically reviled and persecuted such as the transgender community actually needs a coalition. Trans rights are human rights and obviously should be respected as such. There is a problem though that some people, in the name of trans advocacy, are taking things too far. In particular, the sudden increase in children receiving medical transition services is very worrying, this could lead to a lot of cases of regret later. And the question of male>female trans athletes competing in female leagues is still very much undecided, it would be wrong and premature to dictate this as an entitlement by law. There is some other Bee happy shirt in which, quite honestly, certain trans advocates are asking for more than just equal rights, but veering into special privileges they shouldn’t necessarily be entitled to as a matter of law. Why aren’t you out there fighting for us against all these draconian assaults on our civil liberties? How does the government have the Constitutional authority to shut down schools and businesses! Transwoman outweighs woman on victim hierarchy. Women’s rights are kind of passe, so are gay rights. So they need a new vanguard of victim class so they can look like heroes fighting for them. Some trans ideology (especially that associated with the Self ID movement), essentially marginalizes the concept of homosexuality, since it has a strong tendency to conceptualize this as “born in the wrong body” instead of “born in the correct body and attracted to the same-sex”.


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