Bebe it’s cold outside shirt

Bebe it’s cold outside shirt



Frank Barrett, It would help if you knew what pledging allegiance means. You can’t make some do that and have them mean it. Especially children that have no idea what it is they’re doing. SCOTUS long ago held that students need neither say the pledge or stand for it. True, you may still stick out as an exception. Teachers need to be more prepared and willing to defend liberty than so many are to enforce conformity. Few, if any, who support a wall of separation of Church and State believe those words are literally in the Constitution. It is an idea that codifies the Religious Clauses of the 1st Amendment. James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and other Founders used that phrase. So did both contemporary and later constitutional scholars. The Supreme Court explained this well over 100 years ago. So, what was your point again? Tim Burley was sure that’s it! Nothing to do with the ease of getting a gun in the US! For the record morals and values are not dependent on having YOUR religion shove down others’ throats! Tim Burley Not really – it’s parents like you who have no regard for others, who think that you’re so much better because of your “Christian” values that are the biggest cause of hate and bullying. You are the total opposite of what Christ taught! Evangelist Connie Wilson In fact in the early 1960’s one woman took the Christian movement to court. She won.No Religion in public school. Evangelist Connie Wilson Assuming for the sake of argument that is true, so? The First Amendment Clauses enshrine the Bebe it’s cold outside shirt of separation of Church and State. Co-mingling them degrades both. It is a sad fact that from the day the Constitution was adopted, it was violated. As was the 1st Amendment. We want to move further away from those mistakes. One last thing: education was a local or state matter to which the 1st Amendment did not apply until after passage of the 14th Amendment. If you are going to make a historical argument, you better understand the relevant history.


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