Beagle christmas shirt

Beagle christmas shirt



Darcel Kashdan Weldon America used to have morals. Some things just aren’t right. Caging children and forcing 6-8yr. olds to fend for themselves in front of a judge is NOT RIGHT. Not humane. America used to be a safe haven for people seeking a better life. Kris Hanks tell that to the guy that built them and made them the Laws of the Land. Barack Obama. It took Donald J. Trump to change those rules that were the Laws in place. Education is key if you are going to vent and argue. Look it up! Stop being a parrot and actually know what you are expressing. Chris Clinch If there is no warrant the owner of the property does not have to submit or agree to a search and seizure on their property. Whether it be a home or place of business. You realize if this were allowed, any person can make an anonymous report that they believe you are housing illegal immigrants and your door can be smashed down, you and your family can be terrorized all over a false report about you. That is why the law is in place. No warrant, no entry. Chris Clinch, I actually do know because I’m not an internet lawyer I simply am able to look things up and read them for myself. Things like the fourth amendment. The only exception to the rule is in the event the officers physically and personally SEE illegal activity being conducted on the property or inside the Beagle christmas shirt. Not a tip. Not people who look brown or look like they might be illegal immigrants. Not assumptions. Not rumors. Not people speaking Spanish on the property. They have to actually see illegal activity in order to be able to enter and perform a search and seizure without a warrant. That’s a fact. Look it up.


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