Bailey bros building and loan association shirt

Bailey bros building and loan association shirt



President Trump won the election fairly, the fact that there is a very large group of people who choose to refuse to accept that fact is astounding to me as it is now 3 years later. Why the constant insistence of his ineligibility when it was the American public that voted him into office as the 45th president of the United States. Nothing anyone says or does is going to change that fact. President Donald J Trump has proven to be what we all hoped he would be and that is a good president who thinks of the citizens of this nation first before thinking of others. There is a saying you can’t light someone’s candle if yours is not lit and it applies in this situation. Donald Trump provides light in the darkness he provides a way out steps that are clearly seen when followed provide results. The man is under constant assault and yet every single day he shows his strength by getting up in the morning and facing the next challenge as it comes up he doesn’t sit down and whine and cry he does the job he was elected to do. He is a great president. His moral character has been brought to question but everyone has an opportunity for a chance of change and growth and he is no different than they. What he once was he is no more he is a different person a different man because God has brought change into his life and surrounded him with good honest wholesome Godly people with tremendously strong moral character to help guide advise and direct the Bailey bros building and loan association shirt. For those of you who do no longer believe in our government because you constantly are trying to Buck up against it I will pray for you in Earnest that your ears would become sensitive to hear the truth then your heart would be open to receive it I pray that sincerely for each person who is in the liberal Democratic Party those who are trying to topple our own country to get at one man. Can you not see the lunacy in that? I feel sorry for this mother, but there’s no evidence that undocumented immigrants commit more crime. What’s more, a slew of studies has found that immigrants as a whole, legal and undocumented, commit less crime than native-born Americans.


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