Back nines matter shirt

Back nines matter shirt


Because denying the truth is a lot easier than saying they support a government that negates human rights to certain people they find “distasteful” because they believe they are A.) Above everyone else and B.) Entitled to their beliefs that they won’t be in the crossfire at any point. Not until they realize the fairy tale they have been told for so long about the US is the greatest country in the world was a complete and absolute lie will it start to hit them that they themselves never meant anything to the ones they worshipped. There is a big leap between healthy skepticism and outright denial, and your original comment is just outright denial. It pains me to see people throwing water bottles at police or anyone else for that matter, but it is entirely possible to have more than one wrong in the same place and I’d say that is the case here. Our law enforcement accepts a high level of responsibility for the citizens of this country and their constitutional rights, as well it should be. It is my accepted responsibility as a citizen of a democracy to hold them accountable when they cross the line, and some most definitely have. Jason Davis no cops have been killed by BLM and Antifa isn’t a group it means Anti-Fascism! Something literally every American should be! Fascism is literally dictator rule! If you are pro fascism then you are anti-American. Educate yourself before making a fool of yourself spouting nonsense that you hear second hand from fox “news”. Martin Couch you know what kind of basement-dwelling little bitch you are for spell checking someone in an argument on linguistics? Really? My phone corrected it but does that really matter to the Back nines matter shirt or solution to the conversation? Are your socks pulled up evenly? Is your thong straight? Get a life. They do not stop free speech, they ask that people own whatever it is they say. You are free to speak your mind but you better accept the consequences of your racist, homophobic, neo-nazi remarks. Trump is literally the embodiment of how Fascism is created and how dictators start off. He hates the media, he hates all the world leaders and calls them names with the exception of Putin, Un, Ping, and other actual dictators. Why does he side with and buddy up to other dictators? Because that’s what he wants to be. I’m blocking you because you are too stupid to exist in my world. Good luck in life not having a fucking clue.


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