Baby Yoga Tacos Bell shirt

Baby Yoga Tacos Bell shirt



And parents have to think about what happens when they’re gone. Who takes care of these older ‘babies’ who can’t care for themselves? There are institutions, but do you really know who you can trust, particularly when you’re not there to watch over them? Sandra McGann My Republican friends still got amnios. I asked them why. This is why. So, despite their faith and their anti-choice stances, even they were planning to have a Baby Yoga Tacos Bell shirt if this occurred. Even though they vote for people who want to criminalize it, who will also ensure that any parent in this situation will have less access to healthcare and any social services to provide adequate care for a disabled child for the rest of that child’s life. I absolutely do not understand them anymore. It just makes me tired to listen to them. I’m voluntarily childless, too. I spent years caring for some of the thousands of unwanted children in our state foster care system. Because I was once one of them. At least I was lucky enough to be born healthy. Disabled children are very rarely adopted. The retired teacher here that taught special education. There is quite a range of Down’s Syndrome. Two of the students I worked with died in their early twenties. We have managed to prolong the life spans of those with severe disabilities, but the quality of life is often lacking. You know there are darned few institutions right nigh and handy with far seeking bed spaces, never mind specialized care, yes? One of the biggest terrors has had to deal with is that of elders/siblings saying “what will happen when our home safety net is totaled?” *grimly* We have to do more. NO, don’t have an easy answer for DD fold, or folx with dementia. But most holy compassion, which ain’t limited to just folx of Y faith, is gonna have to step up to the plate.


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