Baby Yoda Yoda one for me shirt

Baby Yoda Yoda one for me shirt



Tyler Bush Didn’t read the Baby Yoda Yoda one for me shirt, did you? Where did ANYONE say white people are NOT evicted? They didn’t. Please, lie to us some more. And read the article next time so you’re not so tempted to lie. Judy Roach, did you read the article? Do you even understand the term ‘white privilege’? The article discusses the problem experienced by women who have abusive husbands/partners seeking assistance via domestic violence injunctions. When their landlords discover or are made aware of the DVI they try, illegally, to evict the woman. The article gives states and statistics. Since this disproportionately affects minority women, had you read the article (hell, if any of these men had read the article) the purpose of the ACLU stepping in would be clear. So, Tyler bringing up non-payment, not the issue… Do you want to clarify here what you mean? Jim Reaves hmmm, I really love it when men come on strong to make comments. It just really makes me feel like they have this grasp of what’s what. There’s just nothing engaging like being called a doofus by a man. You must feel so empowered! You must flex your knuckles first, then spit a wad of tobacco juice on the carpet, doofus… why don’t you just say what you really feel. Why don’t you just write Bitch, so you can establish your full masculinity all upfront and in her face? Bitch seems more your word. Since you didn’t bother with the article, you would defend landlords. That’s why Bitch works for you. Like yeah, Bitch, this is my place, you don’t pay, you get out, Bitch. You don’t agree with what I wrote, read the article, Asshole.


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