Baby Yoda Woodford Reserve shirt

Baby Yoda Woodford Reserve shirt



The pregnant person is best qualified to decide whether to add a child to her family. Most women who have abortions have other children. Family planning is her choice, not yours–not a stranger, not a religious fanatic, not a govt. The Constitution protects PRIVATE legal medical choice. In Kentucky, they are kicking disabled kids off Medicaid. So if you do have that kid with D.S. you are on your own. And when you pass away your disabled child will be on their own. This stuff is super scary. Victoria Fitzpatrick Camron no Republican just believes adults should be able to take care of themselves and if you can’t support children don’t have them. Killing an unborn child because you can’t support them isn’t a Baby Yoda Woodford Reserve shirt. Paul Jackson No, they don’t. Republicans have just as many abortions as democrats. Republicans couldn’t care less about babies, children or women. They’re okay with human rights abuses inflicted on babies and children. Please, lie to us some more. Shawn Smith If you care about unborn humans, then you should be fighting against trump’s policies denying women effective birth control, leading to abortions. Effective contraception can prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years with 99% effectiveness. Yet this administration cut funding for them. Shawn Smith The mental gymnastics are yours when you attempt to rationalize the reasons you have to force your beliefs on other adults. You get to do that only when you’ve had to make the choice to have an abortion or not. Shawn Smith Happens all the time. Way to advocate for deadbeat dads. It also has ZERO to do with abortion. Abortion is a human right, I’m sorry that women having human rights hurts your feels so badly that you’d abandon an actually born child.


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