Baby Yoda Vacay mode shirt

Baby Yoda Vacay mode shirt



Loren Drzal these people are not seeking asylum they are crossing the border illegally witch makes them criminals. And when they are caught they are not neglected or abused by the CBP they are given medical attention and food and water and whatever else they need at the expense of us. They are treated better than our homeless veterans. So when these liberal democrat snowflakes figure out that this is the way that a large portion of illegal drugs are coming into our country that is killing our citizens the better off this country will be. Al Hawes, do you mean ‘witch’? Or, do you mean which? Now, put on your thinking cap. How do you know that these folks were not requesting asylum? What facts do you have? None. Most drugs are brought in through legal checkpoints and are not brought in by immigrants. As I said, you are a dim bulb since you did not know this. Further, there have been documented cases where medical treatment was not provided and someone died. We even know that some of these places do not provide clean water, toothpaste, etc. even tho they charge the government $750 a day. Come back when your level of wattage goes up. Rick Schrenker the purpose of the SS was to arrest citizens who’re only crime was their religious beliefs for the purpose of sending them to slave labor camps or to gas chambers to be executed. The purpose of the CBP is to arrest foreign nationals who are in the Baby Yoda Vacay mode shirt illegally for the purpose of sending them home. You’re not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, are you? William Gechtman not in my name. No one told them to illegally cross into our country they made that decision all by themselves. They could have waited freely in Mexico


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